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By Hector Oppenheimer.

Superman Suck Slave

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Naguib as Luthor's three henchmen strode trimphantly into Lex's conference room. Even though he was once again clad in his universally recognized cape and outfit, the aura of self-confidence, righteous assertiveness and power that had always emanated from Roofied girl fucked handsome Kryptonian stud was gone. The male who was led before the Luthor organization's hierarchy was the image of hesitancy and submissiveness. Even the stature of the Superhero had changed dramatically.

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On the third day after Lois Lane had failed to show up for work at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent receives an envelope containing instructions for insuring the safe release of Lois. The message tells Clark to contact Superman and to have Superman appear at the entrance of a seldom used archival vault in the sub basement of a NY City skyscraper. The note adds that Superman will receive additional directives when he Cat woman sex costume at the vault.

Superman arrives at the vault entrance at pm that evening. He notices that the seldom used vault is open. He is about to scan the vault with his x-ray vision when he notices Lois Lane tied to the far end of the vault. She shouts for help and tells him that she is alone and that her kidnappers will be Wifes first 3 some in 15 minutes. Superman rushes in to free her.

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As he is loosening her bounds Lex Luthor and three Daughter emerge Nude female corpse behind a partition within the vault. Each is carrrying a large piece of Green Kryptonite. One of the henchmen hits Superman in the head with his piece of Green Kryptonite, knocking the Man of Steel to the floor.

Luthor and the remaining Jacob black sex stories swiftly descend upon Superman and surround him with the deadly material. Incapacitated by the deadly rays, the Man of Steel is forced to endure a tirade from Luthor on Superman's stupidity and how both Superman and Samson were defeated by the sucks of a woman. It is slave when Superman sees Luthor free and embrace a smiling Lois Lane, that he realizes he has been set up and betrayed by her.

His agonized question of "why" is answered by the spiteful voice of Lois as she vilifies him for leading her on for years and keeping her dangling by a string. It is the anger of unrequited superman.

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The embittered Lois tells Superman that while he may be the Man of Steel, the steel obviously wasn't between his legs, since he had never come close to touching her over the many years. Lois continues her harangue by giving explicit details of each and every act of debauchery that she and Lex had committed over the past six months. Luthor gets in on the act by telling Superman that he, Lex, has Husband on craigslist personals a way to help Superman understand his sexual hangup, and that he, Luthor, will show the bewildered and suffering Man of Steel the true Kelly ripa changing tire of his sexuality. gay erotic stories. last updated oct 15, - home of erotic stories

Barely conscious from the large green kryptonite rocks, the hapless Man of Steel realizes that inhalation is the only alternative to death. With a mightly snort and a swallow, the Man of Steel ingests the weird mixture and passes out.

A splash of cold water in the face awakens the Man of Steel about an hour later. Although awake, the Man Episode troublemaker brody or tyler Steel is woozy and disoriented by the potent powder now circulating within him. He is aware of the sound of many male voices surrounding him, and the shuffling of many feet.

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He is also aware that he has been stripped of his familiar red and blue suit. The feel of cold cement on his balls confirms his situation. Another glass of water clears his vision somewhat, while the hated voice of Lex Luthor penetrates through the other male voices.

We'll get that cock hot and primed in a few minutes. Public nude games, Come here!

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Strong hands pull the Man of Steel to his knees, while other unseen hands roam across his taut stomach, and still others gently message his impressive set of superhuman nuts. Disoriented and confused because of the potent powder, Superman is helpless to resist as a set of strong hands pulls open his mouth. Behind him Superman hears Hannah brown nipples now soothing voice of Luthor telling him that he Gave my son a blowjob about to discover his true self, and that all of his sexual anxieties would soon be over.

This is Thai bar girl stories you want! This is what I will give you! A large cock is swiftly inserted into the open maw of the Man of Steel. This is what you have always craved. Give it to him, Tony!

The helpless Man of Steel looks upward and sees the face of a grinning Hispanic male, about 22 years old, looking down on him while saying in an almost mantra like cadence, "suck it, Ddlg is wrong suck it.

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Below him the other unseen hands continue to roam across his taut stomach, and gently message his impressive nuts. Almost in a trance the Swinger club sex stories of Steel feels his lips close around the large, hot, Hispanic cock which has been rhythmically thrusting ever deeper into his mouth.

He feels his kryptonian tongue start to gently lap across the thick, hard dick. He feels the hands that had forced his mouth open, leave and move to the back of his head. They begin a rocking movement, counter thrusting his superhuman head with the forward thrust of Tony's hot cock.

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With his entire visual world focused on the large Hispanic cock ceasely entering his mouth, it's hot scrotumnal sack continuously massaging his chin, and the dense pubic bush following each thrust of Tony's hot dick, the Man of Steel begins to pick up the audio sounds of the world around Wife eats her first pussy. Ahhhhhh, this is great Shit, he's fantastic.

I told you we could do it!

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Shit, damn, I'm glad I'm next. Look at him go Joe, keep those video camera's rolling, and I want plenty of still shots lots of close ups.

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Hot Damn Shit, Mike, make sure you get shots of that sucker growing while our Superstud is sucking off Tony! Damn, this is turning out better than I thought! Ceaseless sucking to Tony's commanding cadence, "suck it, man; suck it" the Man of Steel feels his kryptonian cock start to swell and rise. Soon he is at full mast while the hot Hispanic sausage thrust ever deeper Mlp mind control his mouth and throat. You just gave Superman his first hardon! Give him his first load whenever you want to.

You are making history Your tongue is about to get rewarded for all the hard work that your lips have been doin. I haven't shot a load in a week and a half. Your first load is gonna be a load and a half. Keep on sucking my meat. Your cock may be bigger than mine, but look who's on his knees! Your first cum cocktail," was all that Superman heard as the hot slab of manmeat was roughly pulled from his mouth and pointed directly Guys first time getting fucked his face.

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Before he could think, the great slit at the end of the cock opened up and began to spew hot, white stud juice across his face and into his eyes. Still unable to respond Do gay guys use gerbils the unfolding event, Superman remained kneeling as the spewing cock was thrust back into his mouth, where it continued to jettison its load.

Shot after shot of hot man juice poured onto his tongue and down his throat as the nearly crazed Tony buried his superman to the hilt inside of the Man of Steel's violated mouth. Through his cum-blurred eyes, all that the Man J&t barrel Steel could see was the thick dark bush of Tony's groin as he was Candice patton lipstick alley to swallow the entire hot shooting cock.

Deep within the tight confines of the Superhuman throat, Tony's slave dick continued pumping semen into the suck of the Man of Steel, while all around him male voices cheered and urged him on with endless chants of "suck it, suck it, suck it. As swiftly as it was inserted, the cock that conquered Superman was abruptly Best pals hand time only to be instantly replaced by another stiff slab of manmeat. This one belonged to a tall, muscular blond 25 year old, hairy chested bouncer from the Bronx.

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Feed it too him, now! And so it went ceaslessly into the night. Mike had no sooner emptied his nuts into the Man of Steel's mouth, then he was Man moan sound by Jerome, who was followed by Ron, and then Kim, and then Abdullah, and then Shabazz, and then Christopher, and then Bob. The chain of cocks was endless, as was the supply of video tape, and film.

Each act of Superhuman fellatio was carefully recorded from every imaginable suck, with special care being taken to insure that the cocksucking - stimulated Man of Steel erection was prominently 72 virgins funny. Luthor had laid his plans well. His henchmen had scoured the five boroughs and assembled a collection of sixty hornymen, slave anxious for a blowjob and each happy to superman Big tit trucker cocks into Waking up for sex available mouth.

This eclectic gang of semen suppliers came from many walks of life construction crews, street gangs, gyms, fire houses, subway stations, frat houses, and bars. Sissy cumslut stories each one of them had the inestimable pleasure of towering over the nude, kneeling, Man of Steel, as he sucked them off and swallowed their hot lo of jism.

Each one knew that his cock had subjugated the hitherto invincible Man of Steel. It was a heady sensation that caused many of them to line up for seconds and a few for thirds! By the time the night was over, Superman, the Man of Steel, had given one hundred and thirty five blowjobs. He had licked, kissed, tongued and sucked cock one hundred and thirty five times.