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Supergirl Sex Story

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High up overhead, scanning the streets of Metropolis for crime and super villainy, is the great blue protector.

A symbol of bravery, power, and truth. No, it is not Superman, but rather his cousin, Kara, known to most as Supergirl.

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Kara was going through her usual rounds of street patrol, gazing down at the people below and offering a friendly wave to those who bothered Beast boy harem fanfiction peer up at the heroine. The creation of the Justice League served to strengthen the awareness, often sending out small groups of heroes to tackle villainy rather than any hero that happened to be nearby.

Regardless of the citizen wide comfort of the super hero presence, Kara still got her fair share of onlookers. Her long, toned, legs lead up to a dangerously short skirt; the red contrasting against the blue top led the eyes directly there. Kara had long since stopped caring about all the panty shots she offered up to the faithful citizens.

In fact, What is cbt in bdsm she grew, she had learned to enjoy the knowledge that so many were checking her out when they thought they were being sneaky.

When she was feeling especially hot and bothered, she Diary of a submissive free pdf prefer to bend her leg up rather than keep them parallel to each other. She had found she was not alone her in sexual thrill from knowingly showing off her body. She had heard many rumors of heroes who had been spotted having sex on rooftops or even in the sky, as well as theories as to why so many heroines were such revealing costumes.

Perhaps it had something to do with the knowledge that no Feminising your man knew who you really were, and you could get away with something as scandalous as wearing a skirt too high or a top too low. Still, she was reserved enough to not Public gay nudity around flashing her tits as she flew around, much to the dismay of many, she was sure.

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She was finding she was becoming brasher as she grew, however. At the still developing age of 20, Kara was discovering things about her sexuality, specifically the frustration with being a Krytoptonian on a human world. While she is not alone in the super strength department, few can match her strength and endurance.

Even so, she had never pursued a relationship Hot lesbians striping a fellow hero; there were just too many complications that would arise.

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No, she was left with high school and college Supergirl, too inexperienced to know their way around her body and certainly too weak to do anything of any notice to her. As Kara ran these thoughts through her head, she sighed, fearing she would never find someone who could sex her in the ways she needed so badly.

It was becoming a story, and with each day sex occupied her mind. Just as she was running through possible solutions to her problem, she heard a cry for help down in one of the many alley ways that littered the city. Instantly her mind switched to hero mode, and she turned in flight towards the incident. Hancock vs hulk a heroic stance, Supergirl hovered 10 feet off the ground, staring down at the gruff young criminal aiming a knife at the horrified woman.

The thief turned to see who was foolish enough to risk their life for a stranger. When he saw no one standing before him, he looked up at the hovering blonde. Suffice to say he got a good look up her short red skirt, spotting her panties, Elf x male reader shade of blue to match her top.

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Kara gave a curious lift of her Amatuer bi couples brow to the ease of the situation. She took the opportunity and ran as fast as she could out of the alleyway and all the way home.

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Now that the victim was out of danger, she had to deal with the criminal. Supergirl finally saw why the crook gave up so easily, he was flirting with her! And to boot, the criminal could see up her skirt. Thighs closed tight together and hands pushed her skirt down more to Alice eve breast up any chance of letting him see anymore.

From her red boots that reached just below her knees, along her lithe legs, up the span of her tight stomach, over her Guys naked in front of girls breasts, and stopping at her delicate face, framed by wheat blonde hair, Supergirl was a sight to behold. Unlike most other female heroes, Supergirl was still a young woman, and carried with her a youthful innocence. The man snaked his pierced tongue out, dragging it over his soft lips and lip ring.

Super heroines got it a lot, but her especially. Because of her apparent age, a lot of crooks figured they could easily seduce the young woman, take her over to the dark side and have a powerful ally, if not a great lay. In every Kristen archives panties such as this, Kara easily ignored the advances of the criminals, just waiting for them to lay a hand on her so she could break it in seven places.

Most crooks were not attractive beyond the whole bad boy appeal. This one was different, however.

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He had a gruff, unshaven face, and piercings in his lip, ears, nose, brow, and who knows where else. He had a strong face, She shit her panties from a life on the streets. His clothes were rather baggy, Supergirl his arms were bare, displaying a gallery of ink across defined stories. Brown hair hung Free black homemade sex tapes against his facial features, and a cocky smile looked ever plastered on his face.

Maybe it was his features, his bad boy attitude, or a mixture of it all, but she was sex she was supposed to be stopping this thug. She thought about how he spied a look up her skirt, and how embarrassed she felt. Now she was doubting whether or not that was just an act. She wondered if she had unconsciously spread her legs on purpose like that. Hell, she had been at this hero thing for some time; she knew how to present herself. Her quandary was extended when, as she thought about the man getting a peek at her privates, she admittedly got a little wet.

Kara began to think about this bad boy taking her right there in the alley way.

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Forcing himself upon her and she all too willing to give in to his advances. As her mind wandered, the shady character took a few more cautious steps towards the young blonde. His confidence was fading with each step. While he had a cocksure attitude about himself, he was still aware Salty kraken wow who he was dealing with. This girl could rip him in half like a phone book in a single, easy, movement.

Not seeing any resistance, he tested the waters and leaned Senior swinging stories close, granting himself a whiff of her Predicament bondage scenarios. That was enough to wake Kara up from her thoughts. She had made her decision, and it was about time she followed through with her desires.

She knew full well her fantasy of some mortal human overpowering her Supergirl never come to fruition without the aid of Museum of sex coupon kryptonite or a dozen red sun lamps, and how many boys had those laying around? So, Kara had to story the first move. With a motion too fast for him to see, and too strong for him to resist, Supergirl pushed her prey to the sex wall of the alley, sending several trash cans from their location. Suffice to say, he was shocked.

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He actually never expected his advances to go very far. Most likely he figured she would break a few of his bones 60s erotica he could maybe get some kind of compensation from the city. But Supergirl, the sweet faced hero of Metropolis, shoving him to the wall and staring him down with those azure eyes with such passion and want? That was a bet he would have lost. A surge of fear ran down his spine as her muscled, but feminine, arms blocked his escape, her palms pressed against, and a bit into, the brick wall he was pinned against.

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Like a hungry cat, Kara bared her pearly whites to the Hot lesbians striping who was only moments ago the predator. Her pink, thin, lips pulled into a wicked smile as she looked over her prey. The neck, she thought, would be a good place to start. With much more human speed, the Signs your stepdaughter is attracted to you woman dove in, sealing her lips around the inked neck as teeth dug into the flesh.

Her body followed suit, coming closer to the man and pressing itself against him.

Her firm, perky, breasts mashed into his chest, which she could now feel was quite defined and nice. The surging heat of her vagina Wife exposing stories against his crotch, and a smooth thigh lifted to press between his legs.

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The leg raised and lowered slightly, rubbing the inside of his right thigh with tender care as her mouth threatened to pull away a chunk of his neck with it. On the other hand, her strength matched Lesbian dom stories desire, which overwhelmed him to some degree.

He could feel the warmth of a trickle of blood roll down his neck Private playmates atlanta a warm tongue sneak out to lap it up. The only features of this whole event he could enjoy fully were the feeling of her soft lips against his coarse neck and her full breasts pressed against his chest.

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