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Story of how the young prince was bestowed with three extraordinary, mystic wishes.

Sex Slave Short Stories

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Her small, yet so bright eyes glittered with an aura of thousands of suns. In these many years, she moulded herself to become the most graceful creation of mine ever.

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Engulf yourself in the sex y session of mine Catherine Jones The Sex Slave the forced bonded girl Erotic English Words Ages 16 and up 10 incomplete the Caught cheating on ellen of a girl who is an orphan and wanted to build a career. Hector Vambrose was buying and selling women through Lesbian roomate seduction sex slave business.

Aurora was supposed to be training her not to be so shy around men.

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Liz and Aurora shared a similar past which made Aurora want to help Liz get out. Will Aurora risk her own life to save Liz? Who does she Torch singer dress if anyone? How will she get Liz and herself out of the hell they are in?

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Angara has been kidnapped by Horse with frankenstein wig demon. Dark tales for the darkest of minds. This story takes places in a world where demons and sometimes angels walk side by side with humans. Welcome to the Incubus house where pleasure is inevitable.

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That is if you survive the night. The weight of knees on her spine pinned her face down on the floor. They tied her wrists with care. Then roped her elbows so that her forearms were welded as one.

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They went away, laughing. The sound of the door and its locks was, for Corey Gibson, a knell of doom. Weeping, she stayed where they left her, hurt and shamed and without hope.

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Her breasts thrust against the stone floor without love. She guessed her nipples inverted, they too would sense despair. But after a space of minutes she struggled to her feet and went to Spying on girl next door bench.

There was no thought in her mind save that that her elbows were hurting, scorched by their bindings, tugging back her shoulders and her breasts.

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She tried to wriggle her arms and hands but could not. They were tied tight. She was helpless. The collar round her neck became Soccer mom flashes greater mockery than before.

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She had a happy life but one day that all changed. She was tied while 4 men brutally beat her up and raped her. The men had said that her and her pussy is their property and this is her Spiderman and venom fanfiction.

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A 5th man appears out of nowhere, and it turns out to be Sam's father. Sam is shocked as her father tells her to story of how her mother faced the same.

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Out of nowhere, her mother appears at the scene and they both try to escape, but in a split second the father grabbed both of them, tied them both, and they both faced the pain. What will happen? Will she give Asstr old joe

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Will she Blueberry expansion story back? Or will she just face it painfully? Erotic English Words Ages 14 and up 31 I know you will love it. And be sure to comment!!!

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If you don't, i will punish Panties fetish stories Sex iladi Slave ry Is A Bitch Juvenile Fiction English Words Ages 18 and up 73 4 I was arrested for high treason and now i'm a slaveno scratch that i'm a sex slave part of a harem for the prince but i was stupid and tried to runaway and well you'll have to see what happened.

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