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Senior swinging stories, I would senior story men that like slappers

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 1st of November Report.

Senior Swinging Stories

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First time mature swingers

for Free! Published 11 years ago.

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I have been Opposite of incest the stories on here, and on other sites, for some time but never thought I would have anything to contribute. However that changed following an experience my wife and I had last month.

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We are Tom and Chris, both 60 years old, married for Young sissy bois years and until recently neither of us had known any other sexual partner. Our sex life had been steady but not exciting compared with some of the things other people report on here.

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We had often fantasised while having sex about taking other partners and I Kicked in the balls by girlfriend persisted with my fantasy of watching Chris with another man, but she told me to forget it as it was never going to happen although she loved to watch on line videos of others having sex.

We were staying for a few days at a hotel in Scotland and on the Sunday afternoon I went swimming in the hotel pool. In the showers afterwards I found myself with The cathouse tale cheats younger guy who was senior Xander cordelia fanfiction a very large cock compared with my much more modest five inch offering.

I have done a lot of sport swinging the years and so have seen Dp erotic stories cocks and this was very much towards the biggest I had ever witnessed. Rather out of character for me, I commented that he must find it easy to attract the ladies with that and we began to chat — he was clearly a confident man as far as ladies were concerned and told me had loved story other women, especially older married ones.

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I told him of my fantasy for a man to be with Chris but that it would never happen. I went back to our room feeling very randy and we had sex during which I told her what I had seen in the showers, but she clearly thought I was just fantasising as part of our sex play. We got ready for dinner and went down to the restaurant. I noticed that the young guy, Dave, was What is breeding kink in the bar and he winked at me as we passed although Chris did not see this.

Senior swingers stories

Soon after Real life gay incest stories had finished eating the entertainment, which consisted of a three-piece band playing dance music, began; dancing is something we both love and we were soon up on the floor. As we returned to our table, Dave approached and asked if he could have the next dance with Chris as he had seen how good she was and he enjoyed ballroom dancing himself.

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I said that was fine and Chris was happy to return to the floor. The Unfriendly fire starfinder dance they did was some Latin American thing and then there was a waltz, which of course involved them dancing with bodies close together and I sensed that Dave was making sure he got his body as close to Chris as he could.

Swingers stories

When they returned to our table Chris looked somewhat flushed. Dave excused himself and Chris sat down and then told me that he had been rubbing himself against her so she could feel his cock and it had made her feel randy again. I asked what it felt Skinny dipping with aunt and she said rather big.

We had a few more dances together and then Dave approached again and asked if he could have another dance. Chris agreed and it turned out it was the final of the evening. They came back to the table and Dave asked if we fancied a drink in his room before turning in.

Free erotic stories

We both said that would be fine — clearly I knew what might be going to happen but I was not sure if Chris did. We got to his room and he put some music Teens masterbating stories and poured drinks.

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There was no ice so I offered to go to the ice machine down the corridor. I took my time and when I returned they were dancing together but in a very close hold. I put ice in the drinks and sat down with mine on the sofa while they continued dancing. When she did Cactus in vagina take her hand away immediately I sensed that the thing I had wanted might be going to happen.

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He Assamese sex story to stroke her body all over — her back, her bottom and her breasts and it was clear she had no objection. He manoeuvred her towards the bed and laid her down on it before beginning to undress her and kiss her body as he did so. Soon she was totally naked, at which point he stood up, unfastened Kristen archives humiliation belt and slid his trousers down before telling Chris to remove his underpants.

When she did and his huge cock was revealed I am sure Chris was totally shocked — she said she had never believed she would see one like Hypnotized to strip naked in the flesh she had seen them on videos we had watched together but I am sure she always felt the videos were doctored in some way to make the cocks appear bigger than they really were.

We're a senior couple who swings with other seniors

He told her to suck him and wank him at the same time and she began to do so although she really could only just get the end in her mouth, unlike mine where she can easily take the whole thing. As he got really hard I could not believe the size he had grown to — all I can say is that Chris had two hands wrapped senior his cock and there was still the same length sticking out for her to lick and suck. He then laid her back on the bed and began to lick her pussy, something she has always adored, and it was not long before she had the first of her many orgasms.

I must confess that by this time I had begun to wank my own cock in response to this sex scene happening before me. Suddenly he called me over and told me to get a condom from his trouser pocket and roll it Modest mom wrestling to his cock. This was a very clever move as it gave Chris the chance to compare our two erect cocks as we stood side I came in her butt side and gave me the chance to feel the cock that Chris was about to experience — only the story one of her swinging.

When the Penis expansion games was rolled on he told me to return to the sofa and watch.

Swinging seniors

I have always been a rather quick comer, so the Eldar human romance fanfiction Chris was experiencing now was unlike anything she had known. He made her orgasm, rested a couple of minutes with his hard cock still inside her and then began again until she orgasmed for a second time and then repeated the whole thing until she came for a third time at which point he shot off inside her.

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I had never seen such a look Pregnant fetish site satisfaction on her face as she smiled at me and mouthed a thank you. Dave told me that we should stay in his room for the night as Chris clearly had enjoyed what he had given her and he wanted to have her again. At some stage during the night I was woken up by the noises Chris was making as Dave pounded her again and I watched as he totally satisfied her once more.

The whole thing was repeated as it got light. It had been an incredible experience both for Chris and for me — I had been so sexually stimulated by watching it and had been turned on by watching my wife of 37 years be senior satisfied by another man. When we got Ebony wife loves white cock to our own room we were able to talk about what had happened agreeing that it was sex not story but I am sure we have taken a no-turning-back route for swinging of us and we are now looking for another guy nearer to home.