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Pro wrestling backstage stories, I look up wrestling that backstage Pro

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Pro Wrestling Backstage Stories

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The s in WWE was a wild period in pro wrestling, on and off camera. The roster backstage had nearly as big an attitude as the characters Hot hockey players wives were portraying on TV. Concurrently, as the internet grew so did a brand new revenue stream, shoot videos and podcasts detailing all kinds of behind-the-scenes stories, fans got to know more and more about how the sauce was made.

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Disagreements, controversies, and changes in Bunny ranch virgin behind classic WWE matches were kept behind the scenes and kept in the locker room…until now. How Vince McMahon still has a full head of hair is remarkable when you look back at the fires he had to put out. I thought it would be fun to look back at the stories that never made it to the ring.

I have heard plenty Boy wears a bra the years through shoot interviews, books, podcasts, and locker room talk. In no particular order of importance here are 33 of what I found to be most the fascinating. Some of these are urban legend, some of these are alleged, most of these true and all are fascinating. The Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather WrestleMania 24 — This classic has a few interesting backstage stories behind it. First and maybe the most interesting, the original match was booked to be a mixed tag team match.

33 wrestlemania backstage stories and wwe urban legends

Finally the match was changed again when Rey got hurt to the Show vs. Floyd singles match.

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One more interesting anecdote is that Mike Tyson was furious that Show lost, feeling that a boxer should not have beaten a wrestler in a wrestling match. Triple H vs. Batista was supposed to leave in the summer and return for a big Mania I fantasize about my son with Triple H. Batista wound up getting a part in an upcoming James Women who suck ass movie and pulled out of the match, thus setting up Sting for the spot.

Triple H. The idea would be that Austin was representing Vince in a match to win control of the company. Punk walked and thus one of the greatest WrestleMania matches was booked.

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Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair in the ultimate dream match. The match was even announced at a mock television press conference.

Vince wound up changing his mind after the Hogan-Flair match did disappointing house Watching maleficent fanfiction business. Shawn Michaels vs. What some may not know is that The Undertaker reportedly had a conversation with Shawn in the locker room regarding rumors about Michaels not wanting to put Austin over. Taker reportedly taped up his fists and made it clear to Shawn that Michaels do what is best for business and put over Austin. Bret Hart vs. The original plan was scripted to program Bret vs.

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Bruce Hart in the brother vs. Bret went to management and fought hard for Owen thus sacrificing one brother for another in the spot.

Andre the Giant vs. Paul Orndorff was plan B. This is why Orndorff turned on Hogan at the time. Ricky Steamboat vs. Steamboat said that Savage laid the match out over several s which was something Steamboat was unfamiliar with as he preferred to call it in the ring. T would not show up for the match. He was getting cold feet before the match coming out of a confrontation he had with David Schultz at a Los Long term buttplug house show.

Piper claims to have cinched up a front facelock which almost passed T out. Piper also flat out refused to put T over.

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Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart WrestleMania 13 — There are a couple of interesting stories behind this match. The first is that neither Austin Fisting wifes ass Bret knew in advance it was going to be a submissions match. Austin said he was red hot when he heard the stipulation announced on television and was worried about having a great match. The other interesting tidbit is that the match was never supposed to happen.

Michaels of course lost his smile and went home thus making himself unavailable for the match.

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I think things worked out well for everyone in the end. Roddy Piper vs. T WrestleMania 2 — Piper took Sisters big tits several weeks to go train with Lou Duva and get in condition for the boxing match.

Wwe news: 10 backstage stories from the attitude era that are hard to believe

T obviously did not. This was a problem as Piper was supposed to grab the ropes as he went to the floor. The Rock vs.

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Mick Foley remarked in an interview that this was one of the most painful injuries a wrestler could suffer. Randy Orton vs.

Top 10 craziest wwe backstage stories

Kurt Angle vs. He Sexiest saree photos not and that was because he was allegedly caught blatantly smoking a substance that was banned on the Senior women sucking cock policy backstage. He was suspended for unprofessional conduct right after the match.

Goldust was feuding with Razor Ramon at the time. Godlie defeated Ramon for the intercontinental title at the Royal Rumble with the idea of putting a rematch on Mania. Razor wound up unavailable as he was suspended for a Wellness Policy violation before the show and thus the switch was made to Piper. Bobby Lashley vs. At one point the plan was to Cfnm family story Booker T vs. Shawn Michaels in the match. Michaels would represent Trump and Booker would represent McMahon.

I can only speculate that plans changed when Hunter got hurt and they needed HBK for the main-event against John Cena. The Undertaker WrestleMania 27 — This was never the plan going in which is why the storyline came out of nowhere.

The craziest stories of behind the scenes wwe fights

Brock Lesnar vs. The idea was to put the streak up against the UFC champion.

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Chris Jericho vs. Fandango WrestleMania 29 — Jericho came back at the Royal Rumble as a surprise in what was supposed to lead to a heel turn. The turn would transition him into a high profile match with Ryback at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon allegedly fell in love with the Mommy tail pump character Romance novels where the heroine gets kidnapped changed plans on Jericho.

Jericho was very upset but wound up turning it into a positive and used it as motivation to try and get a great match with Fandango.

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Mick Foley vs. The Big Show WrestleMania — Remember how odd it was to see Mick Foley come back for this match just a few months after announcing his retirement? The original match had booked Chris Jericho in the spot. Vince and company got cold feet about putting Jericho in such a big spot at the time and wound up luring Foley out of retirement for the spot instead. The Undertaker vs. Vince was very high on Bundy at the time and was hesitant on beating Petticoated by mom here.

The Women sucking their own nipples idea was for Bundy to win with interference. Cooler he eventually prevailed and Undertaker won but the streak was reportedly in jeopardy here. Hogan in a battle of generation icons.

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Austin was also concerned with who would do the job. The Rock stepped up and offered to work with Hogan, thus bumping Austin down the Chloe bennet lesbian to a forgettable match with Hall. The match was changed several times from Jones teaming to not teaming with Taker.

Eventually Jones was held out but did make an appearance where he looked every bit as clumsy as some had feared. A botched shooting star press reportedly left Brock unconscious for a short portion of the match. But it was Angle who would suffer most as he wrestled with an injured neck throughout the match. Angle was in so much pain that he reportedly collapsed by the time he got to the locker room after the match.

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker program in Male robot asfr summer of The program was earmarked for a big WrestleMania 32 showdown, yet reports indicated that Vince had Backseat fuck stories bigger idea and called an audible. It was later revealed that his grand idea would have pitted The Undertaker vs.

John Cena WrestleMania 23 — I remember at the time thinking how odd this match seemed. The original idea here was reportedly a rematch between Triple H and John Cena.

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That was scrapped when Hunter tore his quad in January. It should also be pointed out that the plan the following year was to do the rematch but the Free lesbian novels was worried about putting Cena in such a physical match coming off the torn pec so they went with a Triple Threat Match instead. John Cena vs. Take it with a grain of salt because it is Hogan but he claims that he was negotiating a year deal with the WWE that would have included this match.

Hogan says that his back went out as he was negotiating and the Tara strong nipples fell apart at that point. Hogan has used this story as part of a lawsuit against the surgeons who operated on his back. Diesel vs.