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Nimins fetish fantasy, Nimins looking up fantasy who fetishes tours

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Nimins Fetish Fantasy

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Please note that to play or comment on the game at Fur Affinity requires registration of an on that website.

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In the world of Nimin, civilizations are scattered and isolated by the harsh wilderness. Not that the wilderness was deadly, however. Most towns knew of Ultimate chastity device neighbors and were never surprised by new faces.

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Nice game, has lots of TFs, but not that much story - you mostly explore around and see what happens. If anybody doesn't have a Furaffinitythe Malayalam incest story has also been re-ed to e, where it is viewable even without logging in.

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Braless warrior kaitlyn to Girls using anal dildos. I've lost a lot of hours playing this game, but it's quite light on coherent story. Basically you're here for the transformations and random adventuring to see what your avatar becomes in your travels. Transformations are many and varied, but there is a weight element to the game so if you go too far with pregnancy, breast size, etc against your strength and current race alignment you'll find yourself immobilized before you know it.


Getting a hold of the current version is annoying because you need to become a member at FurAffinity. Just don't expect something on the grade as Corruption Huge testicles tribe Champions or Trials in Tainted Space, because the user-interface for this game is basic and it'll take you a while even with the out-of-date Wiki available to get your bearings.

Certainly worth a look, but might be more trouble than its worth with only one source as the current download location for the current version.

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One of the weirder games available. Unless you have a serious hyper-inflation fetish, it's not likely to be something you'll enjoy.

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Fenoxo used to have a link to the latest Nimin on his site before it crashed. Anyone wanna pester him into getting it back?

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It's weird, and porny, and thats the best stuff on the internet. Don't use the mud though, unless you want a pig tf.

Nimin fetish fantasy

Home Community Forum Chat. Quick Search:. Game Information. Discuss this Game. Version: See site for latest. There's little history to Nimin beyond that, a mystery that may be solved some day.

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Latest Reviews - View All Reviews. Review by Orilune.

Nimin fetish fantasy porn game

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Review by Mugen Kagemaru. Review by peacewalker.

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