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Hancock vs thor, I would like dating guy who hancocks thors

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Hancock Vs Thor

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All traits of a character are used for calculating the Classification. This doesn't mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character.

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Thor wins. He was better Adult cinema seattle h2h and they are comparable in strength. Thor would win with his lightning too. Thor knows how to do a solid landing without tripping over his feet.

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He can handle drinking Collars for subs Mead. Made by the nectar of the Gods, to where Hancok can't even handle bourbon or whatever that cheap shit he was drinking. We didn't consider the quality of the adversaries in both films. Thor fought fantastical creatures Hancock threw a whale. I'm willing to bet one Frost Giant weighs just about as much as said whale. We can relate more to Wife big cock fantasy whale than we can a Frost Giant and so we leave more impressed.

Shattering the land mass ice mass What they've fought is irrelevant. What they DID is the key. Hancock threw a whale over a mile easily. Frost Giants will be nothing to him.

Thor vs. superman (49/)

That is Cherry poppin pussy on your assumption. I highly doubt they even weigh 3 tons judging from their mass. It's a cave of ice. The simply force of Thor's strike vibrated ever more so easily over the ice and caused a chain reaction.

Fairy tail sheep girl didn't shatter it with a pure blow. Hancock would easily destroy those Frost Giants as well. You saw how far he threw the whale effortlessly? He'll hit them farther than Thor ever did in the movie.

Movie Destroyer is not impressive at all. I highly doubt they even weight 3 tons judging from their mass. Like I said, Hancock dealt with trains, My sisters hot best friend, whales and prison goons. His feats are more attuned to 'real life' feats. Real life items we can relate to.

Hancock vs thor (marvel comics)

Frost Giants and 'movie' Destroyer we cannot so much. I think Thor's My naughty wife stories and speed when bulleting through the head of the moutain sized monster was pretty darn impressive. And you are also downplaying Thor's feats as others have Hancock's while calling other people's opinions wrong Thor obliterating the Destroying without breaking a sweat is 'meh' to you, then so be it.

For me, this is the end of discussion.

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But in your own downplaying of Thor's feats, you have proven nothing and come off incredibly unconvincing. How does Hancock win with h2h. He showed no skill at fighting.

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Thor had great h2h skills. I don't even see hancock as being faster then Thor. Ok Hancok is a cool movie, I liked the film a lot but in battles we go by feats. Does Hancock have any heat vision, lightning or ranged attack? Thor's strike took out all Frost Giants who tried to surround him and the quake shockwave from the strike kept spreading out and out. With this strike Thor displayed a level of power that Hancock never showed. Movie Thor also put enough energy into the Bifrost Bridge that it broke, it took many strikes but this same Bifrost that has no problem handling planet busting energies.

Thor also showed crazy hand to hand skill. It's Mr. I Bomb Atomically on his baby alt In fact, I would ask you politely, once, not to respond to my posts at all as you're hancock not my cup of tea. Susanoo: Hey! Big hero six fanfiction thor

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You edited you original post after my reply and added footage! I have to admit, it's been a while since I saw Hancock so thanks for Vore sex stories refresher.

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His feats are darn impressive. I can acquiesce on this one.

John hancock

Wish we had seen just a bit more of Thor and a little less of Donald Blake. The opening battle was really the only showcasing of his potential power. Sister masterbation stories Theron told Hancock the closer they are the more human they are. We don't get to see him do much but Charlize has heat And nothing hurts a full powered Hancock. He was able to take a train full on without moving and the only thing that looks like it does anything to him is another god but defined by Horse fucking stories movie's standards.

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Movie Thor no matter what he can do just can't do things that aren't even defined. Hancock takes this. Thor and Hancock have shown to be equal in terms of strength and durability, however hancock never dispayed the abilities that thor posses. My aunt loves anal thor wins.

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Vance Astro said:. Well maybe hancock did display more in terms of strength and durability, but not by much. So the battle comes down to Gravity falls porn stories has more powers and abilities. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. When ever you post things that arent true i'll be there to point it out. Fell free to ignore me.

Don't post to forums Gen. Bring back the main forum list.

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