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A Turkish social media influencer says she's being prosecuted in her country for posting "joke" photos inside the world-famous Sex Museum in Amsterdam. Merve Taskin, 23, shared pictures of sex toys she bought at the museum during a birthday trip to Female muscle growth interactive game Netherlands in January last year.

Flying Dildos Amsterdam

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A Turkish social media influencer has said she is being prosecuted in her country for posting pictures of sex toys from Amsterdam's sex museum to her Instagram .

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But never fear! There are still plenty of spots where people will do the things that Urban Dictionary authors write about.

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What to expect: This is the original Amsterdam sex-theater experience. The stage feels mighty close here, but there's still a nicely varied crowd.

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What to expect: The discount is thanks to the smaller theater, but the show is quite similar to Casa Rosso. Acts tend to center around props, from ribbons to candles to pens and bananas, and there Www foot sex com male strip teases thrown in for the ladies. Be warned: the barrier between the audience and the stage is pretty thin here You can pay to get frisky with food, but the dildo fly-bys are free.

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Hint: try to follow a bachelor party in. The same lower body parts are also used to branded postcards and produce sex toys and other kinky wonders. Not up close Watching woman undress personal enough?

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You can pay for your buddy to lick whipped cream off one of the performers, which have a reputation for being the best-looking of this sex-show bunch. The waitresses are topless and the dancers encourage you to get handsy above the waist, and if you get a lap dance, expect to be the show Vice Magazine recently released a short doc about the place obvi Bad seed spanking, but watch with English subs on for some gnarly stories Damn you Internet porn!

The plan is to rebirth the location as an upscale nightclub.

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And until then, the peep show WILL go on! Casa Rosso. Moulin Rouge. La Vie en Proost.

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The Sex Palace Peep Show. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves.

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