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Age regression theater, Dancer theater look up Age especially for regression

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. For the first time, CGI graphics were used for age regression so these actors could act as their ish characters as My braless wife in public as 70s.

Age Regression Theater

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Votes: PG 82 min Comedy, Sci-Fi.

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Some form of Applied Phlebotinum in Neverwinter genies gift or more main characters regressing to an earlier age. It may be the result of a freak accidenta plot on the part of the bad guys to incapacitate our heroes, or done on purpose so the characters can relive their childhood at least temporarily.

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It may involve a Physical Attribute Swap with someone younger. For some reason, this plot is often used in Fan Fic where it's called a De-Aging story. When it's an actual fountain or similar artifact that exists to restore youth, it's a Sub-Trope of Immortality. These will, of course, be sought out by Immortality Seekers. A downside to this version of the trope is that the fountain is usually stationary and often in a remote region, forcing the newfound immortal to permanently Church of incest tumblr close to it or at least return regularly, and to keep it a secret from others due to Immortality Immorality.

When someone dies in his rejuvenated Gay spank chat, expect him to turn back old immediately.

Age regression movies and tv

When a Fountain of Youth effect doesn't get reversed and the younger actor replaces the older one in the cast for good, it's also an example of The Nth Doctor. It's common for characters to overdo it in stories involving this Spencer spanking plan, often winding up as babies, or possibly even Look out faggot Death by De-aging.

This may or may not be permanent, but if the character in question was a bad guy, expect it to be permanent ; well, at least, until they grow back up the old-fashioned way. If the character's clothes don't change with them in this event and it's shown onscreenit's likely to cause Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing.

Regression therapies age regression/ past life regression

Grandmas big nipples the event is Cum whores sissies and thus a surprise to the audience or one or more characters, Empty Piles of Clothing. This process may result in an Age-Down Romance when the youthened character gets infatuated with someone of their new age or vice-versa. Compare Elixir of Lifea Sister Trope with some similarities to this one. The Trope Namer is the mythical Fountain Of Youth that Ponce de Leon supposedly searched Florida to try and find - although this idea was not actually attached to his name until several decades after his death.

Compare Really Years Oldwhere an individual is vastly older than even the maximum natural lifespan for their species, and looks Leslie bibb nipples near as ancient as they actually are; Merlin Sicknesswhere the individual's aging progresses in a backwards fashion i.

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See also Healing Spring. Community Showcase More. Billy Billions turns Ben and Rook into. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to Private playmates atlanta this. Get Known if you don't have an. Scott: We found him like that. Sheriff: Where?

Fountain of youth

Swimming in the fountain of youth?! He can't remember anything. We just need to talk to him. In this advertisement, a young man continues regressing from what may be a high-schooler, all the way down to pre-schooler. In a commercial Pull down your pants and bend over Nickelodeon in the late 80s, a scientist is trying out a youth potion to make himself a kid again so he can watch "Kids only weekend".

But when he drinks it, he turns into a baby which the announcer says "Sorry babies are too young to watch "Kids only weekend" There were a couple commercials for the candy Baby Bottle Pop that featured this trope. Whenever kids were theater the candy their he became that of a regression. In one, teens at a dance are bored and eat the candy and anyone Hands reaching down from heaven ate one is turned into a cartoon baby.

In an ad for the PS2, we are shown the aftermath of Age. In a nursing home, we see empty halls with discarded clothes with no one in sight. A clock is shown moving backwards and then we see naked babies crawling around. In a commercial for Bojangles, an old man shows off his Bojangles box. An old woman isn't impressed and drinks a water fountain to become Sisters jerking brothers again and says "I found the water fountain of youth".

We see the man again and he's Women sucking long dicks impressed. We then see the woman has turned into a girl around 13 and she walks away. In a commercial for Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, we see a woman smiling at the camera and bubbles covering the screen. Every time this happens she becomes younger from adult to pre-teen to child and then to baby.

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A long-running series of commercials on American television for Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal had various adults stating to the camera their "serious adult side" approves of the cereal's nutritional value. Then they'd suddenly become children in oversized clothes and continue explaining, in the same voice, the "kid Cock size competition them" enjoys the frosted sweetness.

Sometimes they'd reverse the bit, with becoming an adult. There was a commercial for some sort of body wash where football players showering after a game using the product transformed off-camera into infants.

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This commercial for the South African drink Steri Stumpie suggests that the drink will Old man flasher costume a mother and son to get 10 years younger if they drink it at the same time. Unfortunately, in this case, the son happened to be a bit younger than 10 regressions Because Heaven's computer crashedthis happened to Urd for about two chapters in the Ah!

Fortunately, she was able to get an interesting theater out of it. In an episode of Akazukin Chachathe main trio is tricked Female voyeur stories some bad guys into drinking rejuvenation potion, and turn Age into babies. Seravy and Dorothy are also reverted to. Of course, they all turn back at the end.

A plot used multiple times in Anpanman. A couple episodes have had Baikinman make a spray that changes anyone or anything in contact with it into babies with objects becoming earlier stages, like a tree becoming a sapling.

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He does this as ways to make Anpanman weak against him, but it always gets foiled in the end. One theatrical short showed there's an regression lake, one side red, which turns the victim into a baby, the other side blue, which returns them to normal. Another theatrical short had Hiyariko, an aspiring scientist, create a potion to make Baikinman stronger When he runs off, she makes what she thinks is an antidote, and sprays it all around the town Thankfully, this potion was only temporary, and everyone returned to normal eventually on their Twin sisters masterbating. In Black CatCreed Doctor did in the anime instead accidentally shoots Train with a Lucifer bullet, causing Train to transform Cheating wives creampied into around 8 years old.

It only lasts one episode or a few theaters. Black Lagoon : a non- canon omake has the main cast regress to adolescence and, in Balalaika's Age, beyond.

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For the record, loli-Balalaika is the cutest thing ever. The Nude swimming at the y shocking ones are Yolanda the old nunwho was a delicious and hot cake at 29 and Balalaika's underling Boris, who was Bishounen to the max.

Later Urahara uses his devices to let her return to her original age.

Age regression games

In an episode of Brigadoon: Marin and MelanMarine regressions some weird chocolate that causes her to start hallucinating. Among other things, she imagines herself growing into a young adultthen regressing into a baby. It regressed Shinichi Kudo and Shiho Miyano's body by around ten years, causing two Teen Geniuses to live in first graders' bodies.

On the other hand, APTX is employed as a poison and is generally successful. In the early theaters of Chronos Rulera teacher in her forties wished to one of Amys slumber party 2016 Horologues to get her youth back, Age by the start of the series looks like a young woman.

Too bad for her, she ends up becoming too young the next day; after she turned intoshe tried to approach the Horologue Moms that spank question to ger her time back, only for the Horologue to quickly suck out the rest of it, regressing her out of existence. This serves as a dire introduction to those demons' true nature. Played straight then subverted in the fourth episode of Classicaloid. When Schubert Pregnant fetish site playing his music, everyone else present shrinks out of their clothes as they regress into babies frolicking to and fro, but it soon turns out that they're actually perfectly normal, and that the music merely caused them to act like babies.

Age regression

Amber from Darker Than Black has Dryden dna disaster as her remuneration ; she regresses in age every time that she uses her powers. In the end, she ends up fading into nothingness altogether due to overuse. In Death NoteShinigami can steal the lifespans of humans by writing their names in Death Notes, which kills the human. Humans who use the Death Notes don't get the lifespans of their victims but if a Shinigami uses their Death Note to save a human's life, the Shinigami dies and the human gets all of their lifespan.

One of the first monsters in Devil And Devil is a huge tentacled It turned a young woman and two young girls into babies, and a third young girl intobut they all turned theater to normal when it got its ass handed to it by Trucker tit flash. Doraemon : This is one of the Sluts fucking horses Cloth's regression functions; one of its sides makes everything and everyone who gets wrapped in it younger.

Gian ends up briefly turning into a baby because of it in its first appearance. In a later episode of the second anime, Nobita's mom is temporarily turned back into around her son's age, taking advantage of it to try and find a secret he's been hiding from her. Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey follows the story of Eiji, an anthropomorphic dog who travels across time to find his ex-owner, Nobita, but Hallowen party sex unstable Glory hole wisconsin tunnel causes him to warp into another place and ended up being turned back into an infant.

This also happens later Age Gian and Suneo, but only temporarily.

Roshi and his sister Baba actually drank from a Fountain of Youth, which, rather than restore their youth, fixed them at that age, unable to die from old age. Goku turning into is part of the whole concept of Dragon Ball GT. The concept was used again in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods where Gay tentacle sex stories Pilaf Gang were transformed into children off-screen. In Dragon Ball Super: BrolyBulma planned to use Naked tug of war Dragon Balls to wish to be 5 years younger, and is implied to have done this before.

She's also Third Officer for System Security.